July 12, 2018

10 Things Men Should Know About Women

Wednesday Random Post.

10 things Men should know About Women

1. Mode Swings!
Apart from our regular monthly flow that changes our body metabolism, we have mood swings at irregular intervals. Sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves too. We are just bored and if you know what’s good for us at that point In time… Stay away!
Oh wait did I say stay away? Oh well maybe you should stay with us and observe to see if we want you around or… perhaps I don’t even know what we want at that time so just bare with us. Lol It will soon be over.

2. Your money is sweeter than ours!
Every woman wants to feel a sense of provision and financial “spoiling” from her man even if she earns more than he does. Your money is sweeter cuz it’s meant to be so. Spoil us with good things, then spoil us a lil more. Give us money and more more. And even when the money is not there… assure and reassure us the money is coming real soon. We don’t mind waiting. Just get us the money. Otherwise we’ll refer you to number 1 above

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