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Our Approach

Delly’s Matchups becomes the first dating site specifically for Africans at home and abroad. With a keen understanding or persons and personalities, cultures and environments, we are keen in vetting every profile that appears on our platform. Client membership is free as we believe that finding the right partner should not be costly. We also take pride to accompany every successful matches as they graduate from single-hood. We also take pride in providing our members with relationship counselling after they have been matched among many resources to enable our members live in and for love happily ever after

Our Story

The whole idea was started and architect-ed by Delly Singah Philips. I did notice the boring trend of especially youths abroad. Work , home and church. No time to socialise nor meet new friends.
-Most travel back home to get spouses for themselves making the quest even more difficult.
– I noticed almost every sphere of life was being explored on social media… religion, politics, business etc not Relationships n marriage. (Jor d fixam abeg)
– Alot of people contact me inbox to hook them up with my friends.
– it’s a Gift I’d discovered it b4 now

Meet the Team

Short intro of the people making Delly’s Matchups work well for you!

Delly Singah Philips

Founder & CEO

The brain and architect behind Delly’s Matchups.

Asaah Fomede

Technical Lead

Site webmaster, admin & other technical stuffs.



Columnist and relationship doctor/advisor


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